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Maximize reality
  • HOLOOH generates ultra-realistic human holograms
  • For augmented / mixed / virtual reality applications or 3D video player 
  • Focusing on Fashion, Retail and Entertainment
  • HOLOOH reconstructs real people 3D holograms performing in original flowing motion thanks to its partnership with INRIA Grenoble
  • Captured in a big scale studio on Kinovis platform

  • Enjoy your own private fashion show at home and feel the presence of the models in your living room
  • Experience a holographic presentation in store and buy straight from the app
  • Join your favorite band in VR and be part of the show
  • As a retailer, add a 3D video player for your e-shop
  • Learn from the best athlete, teacher or actor, captured and displayed as holograms, how to perform any action, sport, industrial maintenance or medical practice among others. 

Large 3D Video capture surface with more than 8m diagonal length. 
Example : capture a fashion show catwalk 

3D accurate capture of dynamic scenes and objects 
Example : moving clothes like a dress or a scarf 

High dynamic capture with more than 50 frames per second 
Example : Martial art  

Group scenes 
Example : a play with 5 actors 

5 minutes of nonstop recording in a single rush 

3D Sample
Zara in augmented reality 
In 40 countries in april 2018
HOLOOH Best startup Award 
At Laval Virtual 2018 International exhibition
Self Service Magazine
Shop The Look in augmented reality with Self Service Magazine Issue 47 and top model Anja Rubik.
24-26 May - Paris Porte de Versailles
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